VDO Tachograph SmartLink Pro For Manual Entries

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Use the VDO Smartlink to add manual entries the simple way!


The VDO DTCO® SmartLink Pro is an efficient and smart solution for the remote connection of the VDO Digital Tachograph with an Android or iOS smart phone.


  • The DTCO display is replicated on the Smartphone and functions such as Manual Entries, Mode Changes, Printouts and Card Ejection can be carried out remotely (DTCO 1.3 onwards)
  • Ease of use in adding Manual Entries and hence ensuring correct entry of tachograph data.
  • Easier and faster access of Driving and Rest times = avoiding possible infringements.
  • All the driver activities from the Driver Card can be viewed in a monthly calendar view (DTCO 1.4 onwards).
  • The VDO Counter data can be used to view remaining Driving / Breaks and Rest times in a graphical manner for current shift and the Daily and Weekly totals (DTCO 2.0a onwards).

System Requirements:

  • DTCO® from release 1.3 can be connected via Bluetooth to the latest popular smartphones (Android + iOS)
  • To use the VDO apps, you need a smartphone with at least Android 4.1 or an iPhone with 7.1 or higher.
  • A Google account for the Google Play Store or an account for the iTunes store are required.

Please note: In some cases, functions in the DTCO® must be activated by VDO partner workshops for a fee. In the case of DTCO® Release 2.0, which was installed ex works by the vehicle manufacturer, a software upgrade to Release 2.1 can be carried out by VDO partner workshops for a fee in order to use additional functions. In the case of DTCO® Release 2.1, which was installed ex works by the vehicle manufacturers, an additional DTCO VDO Counter Update Card with the article number A2C59516603 is required. You can also order this DTCO VDO Counter Update Card here in the store.
With DTCO Release 2.2, all functions in the app are available via SmartLink. There are no additional costs for this.