DLK Pro license card for DTCO 4.0/4.1

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With the DLK Pro license card for the DTCO 4.0/4.1 you can download and archive the data of the intelligent tachograph e.g. the DTCO 4.0/4.1. The DLK Pro Key is activated via DLK Pro License Card "Smart TCO ready" (2910002128800). This new license card only needs to be inserted into the integrated card reader of the key and you are ready for the intelligent tachograph DTCO 4.0/4.1 with its new cards in proven quality, reliability and function.

This update process is valid for the upgrade of the following DLK Pro Keys:

  • DLKPro Download Key
  • DLKPro TIS-Compact
  • DLKPro TIS-Compact (EE)
  • DLKPro Inspection Key

Of course, the DLK Pro Keys will continue to be able to support the 1st generation DTCO and other digital tachographs as well as the 1st generation tachograph cards".