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New vehicles come onto the market every year – and with them come programmable sensors for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), which comply with the tire pressure sensor requirements. You’re always well equipped with Continental TPMS service devices: The regular updates mean that you can update your device at any time, enabling you to service all vehicles.

Update Plus gives you one year of access to our regular updates:

  • Always the latest information on all vehicle models
  • All current important information for the manual and automatic relearning processes of TPMS sensors
  • New OBD relearning methods
  • New programmable sensor marks and part number information

If you want to know if it’s time to sign a new update contract, simply install the WebTPM PC software. Connect your device to your PC and open the WebTPM software. The end of the contract period is displayed on the screen. The software update service for TPMS Pro is included in the purchase price for the first three years.

If you do not wish to receive another update after the end of the update period, you can continue to use the version you have on your service device.

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