DLK Pro license card for DTCO 4.0/4.1

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The DLK Pro License Card - Activation for Smart Tachographs



The DLK Pro License Card "Smart TCO ready" allows you to activate your Download Key (DLK) Pro for the Intelligent (Smart) tachographs of version 1 and 2 (DTCO 4.0 / 4.1). This allows you to easily download and archive data from intelligent tachographs, such as DTCO 4.0 or 4.1. All you have to do is insert the license card into the Key's built-in card reader to keep your tachograph up to date.


This straightforward update process applies to the following DLK Pro Keys:

  • DLK Pro Download Key
  • DLK Pro TIS-Compact
  • DLK Pro TIS-Compact (EE)
  • DLK Pro Inspection Key


The DLK Pro "S" keys are already activated for smart tachographs and do not require any additional licensing with the "DLK Pro License Card Smart TCO ready".

The DLK Pro Keys are still compatible with the first generation of DTCO and other digital tachographs as well as the first generation tachograph cards.

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