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VDO Smart Terminal - the latest generation of download terminals from VDO.

The VDO Smart Terminal is the latest generation stationary reader for driver and company cards used in DTCO 4.0 / 4.1. With the VDO Smart Terminal you are immediately DTCO 4.1 ready. This is because it has been specially developed for the requirements of the new DTCO 4.1 digital tachograph and its predecessors and accepts all 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation driver, workshop and company cards.

The VDO Smart Terminal fulfils all legal requirements for reading and archiving driver and vehicle data. Thanks to its 32 GB SD card, the VDO Smart Terminal has almost unlimited capacity for storing this data.

The data can be stored on your server or PC via the network (LAN/WLAN) or via a USB cable. It is also possible to transfer the data directly from the VDO Smart Terminal to the VDO Fleet Online Portal or to an SFTP server.

With the VDO Smart Terminal, the VDO driving licence check can also be conveniently carried out using the integrated RFID card reader. All you have to do is hold the driving licence with attached RFID tag (peronalised) up to the VDO Smart Terminal scanner. The corresponding information that the driving licence has been presented / is available is stored directly in the backend and can then be analysed / evaluated for all drivers in VDO Fleet Service Tachograph Management.



  • Latest-generation stationary reader for DTCO 4.1 data (+ older digital tachograph versions)
  • Compatible with all 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation cards and mass storage devices (download key)
  • Meets the legal requirements for reading out and archiving driver and vehicle data
  • Data transfer via WLAN, LAN or USB (also as stand-alone solution with data transfer via USB stick)
  • 7 inch screen diagonal (about 18 cm) with touch display in modern design
  • Child-friendly wall or table installation in any room (e.g. in the break room)
  • Reliable data protection and data backup
  • Virtually unlimited memory for driver and vehicle data (32 GB internal memory)
  • With device for theft protection (e.g. for Kensington Lock)


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