TIS-Web RFID Card Reader

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To meet your legal archiving obligation, you must read out your digital tachographs at certain intervals and archive all data stored on the driver card.

The VDO card reader for driver cards makes this particularly convenient:
You connect the handy desktop device to your computer or laptop via a USB cable and insert the card. The dialog of the TIS-Web software guides you intuitively through the individual steps. Please note that with the TIS-Web Card Reader you can only read out driver cards, but not the mass memory of the digital tachographs.

Please also note that the TIS-Web software for archiving and visualizing data is not included with the card reader.

There is no limitation in terms of data volume. The device is therefore suitable for both small and large fleets.



  • To download all driver and company card data
  • Suitable for all fleet sizes
  • Manual size, simple operation
  • Connects directly to PC or laptop via USB cable
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