RFID tag for driver's license check

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RFID tag for driver's license check is available to buy in increments of 10

RFID-Chip (is attached to the driver's license, serves for electronic driver's license control)
Minimum order = 10 pieces (lot size 10 steps)

In order to be able to manage driver's licenses fitted with an RFID chip in the TIS-Web Versions (from TIS-Web Version 4.7) of the fleet management software, the driver's license data must be stored once in TIS-Web-DMM in advance. The "RFlD-Chipcardreader" serves you for this purpose. The RFID chipcard reader can of course also be used as a card reader for driver cards.
For the correct attachment of an RFID chip on the driver's license, do not stick important entries.

For the EU driving license, the upper right corner of the front page is recommended.
The title blocks on the back must not be pasted over, even if there is no
Entries stand! With the older pink or gray driving licenses should be prevented,
that the seal can be cut out unnoticed.
It should therefore be positioned at a point where on the opposite side
find important entries.

Is it allowed to stick an RFID label on the driver's license?
"Yes, you are allowed to stick the RFID label on your driver's license if it does not cover any entries".
Due to the small size of the label there is a suitable place on every type of driver's license.

The advantages of electronic driver's license control are obvious:

  • Legal security through the electronic procedure
  • Cost reduction through great time saving
  • Flexibility through the independent verification of the drivers
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