DTCO® SmartLink Pro(Android + iOS)

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Your access to all free VDO Apps.

With the new DTCO® SmartLink Pro solution, the DTCO® from release 1.3 can be connected via Bluetooth to the latest popular smartphones (Android + iOS) in no time at all. To use the VDO apps, you need an Internet-compatible smartphone with at least Android 4.1 or an iPhone with at least 7.1 or higher. You also need a Google account for the Google Play Store or an account for the iTunes store.
We have compiled all the apps currently available for the DTCO® SmartLink Pro for you here:

Together with many helpful apps, the DTCO® SmartLink Pro takes daily driving to a new level. Do you value more comfort in operating the DTCO® and more overview for your drivers? Or do you as a fleet manager want to achieve higher fleet utilization and more economical communication? Here you will find the right app for every requirement. We thus offer the user the possibility of using the modern user guidance in a variety of ways for daily driving operations.

Please note: The SmartLink Pro offered here can be used in conjunction with the apps at no additional cost for activated functions (see overview table). Furthermore, depending on the variant, additional costs may be incurred for activating the DTCO® interface.

In some cases, functions in the DTCO® must be activated by VDO partner workshops for a fee. In the case of DTCO® Release 2.0, which was installed ex works by the vehicle manufacturer, a software upgrade to Release 2.1 can be carried out by VDO partner workshops for a fee in order to use additional functions. In the case of DTCO® Release 2.1, which was installed ex works by the vehicle manufacturers, an additional DTCO VDO Counter Update Card with the article number A2C59516603 is required. You can also order this DTCO VDO Counter Update Card here in the store.
With DTCO Release 2.2, all functions in the app are available via SmartLink. There are no additional costs for this.

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