VDO Remote DL 4G

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The VDO Remote DL 4G

The new REMOTE DL 4G enables customer together with VDO Fleet® RTM to do the Remote Download from tachograph data via GSM LTE communication. Data can be downloaded flexibly anytime from anywhere (all European countries) automatically without driver intervention.

REMOTE DL 4G is transferring the data via a mobile network (2G/3G/4G) to a VDO server that you can access securely over the internet. REMOTE DL 4G is based on a powerful platform and already equipped with mobile communication. Together with VDO Fleet® RTM it offers the remote download from digital tachographs.


  • Reliable 4G connection with fallback to 3G and 2G network
  • Mobile Internet Connection included
  • Tachograph files remote download
  • The TIS-Web/VDO Fleet card reader (A2C5951675466) needs to be duplicated into the Fleet Management area
  • The Smart Link (A2C6253192466) needs to be duplicated into the Fleet Management area


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