VDO Remote Tachograph Download Device

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The VDO Remote Tachograph Download Device

The VDO Remote DL 4G enables customer together with VDO Fleet® to automatically download tachograph data via GSM LTE communication. Data can be downloaded flexibly anytime from anywhere (all European countries) without driver intervention.

The Remote DL 4G is transferring data via a mobile network (2G/3G/4G) to a VDO server that you can access securely over the internet. Remote DL 4G is based on a powerful platform and already equipped with mobile communication. Combined with VDO Fleet® it offers remote download from digital tachographs.

The Remote DL 4G can also download data directly in Tachomaster® and Logistics UK® tachograph analysis.


  • Manage your tachograph data and stay compliant remotely with no fuss
  • Automate your data directly into major tachograph analysis platforms
  • Pair with VDO Fleet for Driver Availability, ensuring you know which drivers have what driving time remaining (see VDO Fleet Tachograph Management)
  • Reliable 4G connection with fallback to 3G and 2G network
  • Mobile Internet Connection included with a VDO Fleet remote tachograph management service*

*Remote download via DL 4G requires a monthly subscription to the RTM service for SIM & Data fees.