DTCO VDO Counter Update Card × 1

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The VDO Counter Update Card x1


The VDO Counter Update Card offers an uncomplicated way to activate the VDO Counter in DTCO® 2.1, which revolutionizes the previous method.


To successfully activate the VDO Counter, simply insert the special VDO Update Card into the card slot of the DTCO® 2.1. The intuitive menu navigation on the display of the DTCO® 2.1 further optimizes the application, simplifies the implementation of the counter and eliminates the need for a separate test device.


This advanced solution makes it easy to unlock the counter in the digital tachograph. This greatly increases efficiency and ensures user-friendly handling, allowing your workflows to run smoothly.


The VDO Counter calculates the remaining driving and rest times in real time and shows them directly on the DTCO® 2.1 display, so drivers can always see how long they are still allowed to drive and when the next rest period is required.