DTCO cleaning card set contains 12 cleaning cards

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The Original DTCO 12 Cleaning Card Set


The Original DTCO 12 Cleaning Card Set offers an effective solution for maintaining the optimal performance of the DTCO Card Readers, especially under the stress of daily use.


Contamination that gets into the DTCO card reader through everyday use can lead to card reading errors and cause significant financial disadvantages. Preventive cleaning with the VDO cleaning card set ensures reliable operation in everyday life, even under harsh environmental conditions during vehicle use. Especially in demanding environments, regular cleaning with the special VDO cleaning card is recommended.


The deposition of fats, sweat and nicotine on the driver card increases the entry of dirt particles. The VDO microfibre cloth supports this with preventive cleaning, which ensures effective removal of dirt such as grease, sweat and nicotine.


The advantages at a glance:  

  • Specially developed fluid for cleaning the card reader
  • Cost-saving: Preventive cleaning prevents malfunctions and possible vehicle downtime
  • Residue-free removal of dirt
  • Unique: Only 1 card for both feeds, can be used on both sides
  • Microfiber surface, fully bonded to the carrier material
  • Cleaning of contacts and guideways

Included in the scope of delivery of a set:

  • 12 cleaning cards