DLK Pro license card for Infringement Module

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DLK Pro License Card for Infringement Module


The DLK Pro infringement module enables the targeted monitoring and testing of violations in vehicle management. The license card activates this module within the DLK Pro Key software and is easy to use.

In order to activate the infringement module, the DLK Pro licence card for the infringement module is inserted once into the integrated chip card reader of the download key and read out.


Activating the key using the DLK Pro License Card Infringement Module enables the downloaded data to be automatically checked for violations. A "quick check" is carried out directly when reading the driver card with the key as well as when downloading the mass storage data via the 6-pin interface on the digital tachograph. Any violations are indicated on the key display by meaningful symbols.


When connecting the DLK Pro via the USB interface, violations can be viewed individually in the "Download Tools" software application. The key checks the data in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 and ensures that all relevant information is clearly displayed. In this way, the DLK Pro infringement module enables efficient control and management of violations within the framework of legal regulations.