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VDO DLK Smart Download Key
VDO Fleet Tachograph Management


Get now our new VDO DLK Download Key Smart & Compliance Service Bundle and use the VDO Fleet Service the first 3 Months for free!

Promotion Period: 25.03.2024 - 12.04.2024


This bundle will give you the possibilty to:

  1. Download your vehicle & driver card data (VDO DLK Smart Download Key Hardware)
  2. Archive & analyze these data in compliance with your national legislation (VDO Fleet Tachograph Management Service)

And on top: You will get our Tachograph Management Service for the first three months for FREE!

Interested? Get more information about the bundled product & service below!



After our bestseller VDO DLK Pro Download Key series with more than 300.000 units sold, VDO now offers the new DLK Smart Download Key!

The new original download key is the premium version from the tachograph manufacturer VDO and supports all digital & smart tachograph versions of VDO. 

Also it supports the Stoneridge tachographs version 7.x - 8.1.

The new key is easy to integrate into the VDO ecosystem with many upgrade options based on companies' needs (e.g., the archiving and analyzing software VDO Fleet Tachograph Management).

The intelligent tool to bridge the gap between vehicle, driver, and company.


Streamline Operations

The 2.4-inch capacitive touch TFT display accelerates data retrieval, backed by a 4 GB storage capacity for compliance with thousands of quarterly downloads.


Seamless Connectivity

Access mass memory and driver card data effortlessly through the DTCO's front interface. The integrated smart card reader and Bluetooth BLE interface ensure convenient data retrieval, with USB transfer as an available option.

Automated Data Handling: Opt for automatic data upload to VDO Fleet via the VDO Fleet App or PC, ensuring secure information storage. The Micro SD card reader provides a reliable data backup.


User-Friendly Design & Convenience Meets Security

DTCO 4.1 ready, the key is compatible with digital and smart tachographs. Its features include a 180° rotatable display, visible download and status LEDs, and a "KEYTOOLS" web interface via USB for efficient data control.

Effortless Bluetooth pairing, USB connection to a PC, password entry for enhanced security, and local time display make data management convenient and secure.

Experience a new level of efficiency and compliance with the VDO DLK Smart Download Key – your key to streamlined tachograph data management.


Your Advantages

  • Supports the latest Smart Tachograph generation DTCO 4.1, digital (generation 1) and intelligent tachographs (generation 2, versions 1 & 2) and Stoneridge tachographs 7.x - 8.1
  • Easy download and readout of driver card and mass memory (fulfils the legal download and archiving obligation)
  • Fast and convenient automatic data upload via VDO Fleet App (available soon) or PC application to the VDO Fleet Portal possible*
  • Visible LEDs indicate the status of the download key, plus acoustic signal when the download is completed
  • Fast data transfer from digital tachograph to PC via high-speed USB or Bluetooth BLE interface
  • Can be used for all 12- and 24-volts digital tachographs
  • Usable as a "normal" USB stick
  • 4 GB memory capacity
  • 29 languages can be set
  • Storage space for thousands of quarterly downloads


  • Size and Weight: 126 mm × 52 mm × 19 mm, 103 g.
  • Display: 2.4" TFT color capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320x240 pixels.
  • Memory: 4 GB eMMC storage, 128 MB DDR-RAM.
  • Interfaces: 6-Pin interface, USB 2.0 HS, USB-A connector, Chip Card Reader, Micro SD-Card slot, Bluetooth BLE 5.0, NFC Tag, QR Code.
  • Compatibility: DTCO 1.x to 4.x, all certified digital and smart tachographs, and all 3 generations of tachograph cards
  • Power Supply: USB (4.75 V to 5.25 V), 6-Pin Interface (9 V to 30 V), Rechargeable Battery (LiPo 3.7 V 1170 mAh).
  • Operating Temperature: −10 °C to +60 °C, Storage Temperature: −20 °C to +85 °C.
  • Protection: IP 3X, Interface protection with fixed caps, Housing: PC/ABS.


  • VDO DLK Smart Download Key
  • Software for key configuration
  • Data visualization and data archiving on the key
  • USB extension cable
  • Quick start brochure (printed)
  • Operating instructions (digital on the key)
  • Wrist strap


  • Windows 11/10/Server 2022, each with the latest service pack
  • Free USB-A connection or Bluetooth BLE interface
  • Browser application, PDF reader


If you manage a fleet with any vehicles in scope of tachograph legislation, why not use the additional service developed by the market leader in tachographs? 

Compatible with data from all tachographs, VDO Fleet offers fleet, transport and compliance managers a system that complies with UK and EU regulations. With regular updates, high reliability and security, VDO Fleet is the compliance solution for all HGV fleets!

In accordance with applicable local laws, we archive and provide your information.

As a fleet manager, you can streamline your tachograph data management with VDO Fleet. We support you with archiving & analyzing of driver card and vehicle data. We provide an easy data access during inspections, eliminate manual lists and simplify data storage.

Take working hours into account.

Optimize your planning with VDO Fleet Tachograph Management. Consolidate everything in one system, eliminating the need for multiple calculation programs. 


Coordinate and stick to important appointments.

Efficient maintenance planning with VDO Fleet Tachograph Management. The program helps you schedule maintenance appointments and combine services with tachograph calibration. Receive timely reminders for vehicle and driver data downloads, driver and company card renewals, and driver's license checks. Avoid unnecessary downtime and make sure you never miss an appointment again. Stay on top of critical deadlines for seamless fleet management.


Your Advantages

  • Safe & reliable cloud-based solution - get access from everywhere
  • Tachograph & driver card data transfer and download overview
  • Fulfills the European working time directives - be compliant with the law
  • Comprehensive reminders (next data download, calibration date, …)
  • Visualization of uploaded data (activities, vehicle speed, infringements, …)
  • VDO Fine Catalogue - showing all driver & company related fines based on European / National law
  • Infringement Alerts: Display score cards for the 10 most common infringements on the dashboard
  • Connected services: Import of third-party tachograph data to VDO Fleet via API
  • 25 different reports available (e.g., Driver Activity Report,  ...)
  • Driver's license check (we use the RFID-Tag approach)
  • Multiple locations & driver group creation possibility


  • Compliance with EU and multiple national regulations (working time directives)
  • Archiving and analysis of downloaded data
  • Transfer and visualisation of uploaded data
  • Archiving and retention of legal data
  • Processing and display of driver and vehicle activity times
  • Automatic reminders of downloads, card expirations and periodic inspections
  • Access to reminder functions to keep data up to date
  • High level of safety and reliability
  • Optimisation of work processes
  • Identification of violations


  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7
  • Internet connection required
  • Not compatible with MacOS