Pressure sensor, 5 bar, M10x1 conical; connection knurled nut,2Pin

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In order to ensure the trouble-free, safe and efficient operation of a vehicle, it is necessary to have access to a wide variety of data. Sensors pick up these data and pass them on. They must be particularly temperature-resistant and insensitive to moisture, dirt and chemicals.


In order to provide a reliable information base, they also have to operate without interference in electromagnetic fields and in the vicinity of other sensors and have a long service life. Sensors can help to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. They help to increase engine efficiency and driving safety, thereby ensuring driving comfort and enjoyment.


Defective sensors can lead to errors in engine management and, in the worst case, cause engine damage.

Technical specifications

Measuring range: 5 bar

Measuring range maximum: 30 bar (max. 2 s)

Warning contact: none

Tolerance warning contact: none

Thread: M10x1 conical

Number of pin/s: 2 pins

Connecting terminal: knurled nut